Size, mm height: 120
Volume 250 ml
Brass material
Plating gold, nickel
Wooden box

This cup holder will be an ideal gift to a friend or colleague, as well as indicate your patriotism and love for the motherland. The product is made according to traditional technologies with the use of gilding and nickel plating. The cup holder comes with a teaspoon, and the whole set is packed in a gift box with an individual tool holder.

Made in Russia, Zlatoust

Elite souvenirs.


Elite souvenirs
A souvenir in French (souvenir “memory, memory”) is a subject designed to remind of something, such as visiting a place of pilgrimage for tourists or a reminder of a date, such as a wedding, birthday.

Souvenirs from Chrysostom are only exclusive items, often made to order, in a single copy, and such VIP souvenirs are handmade by the masters of ZlatArms. An elite souvenir gift can be a gold-plated globe, a gold-plated stand, a telephone, a gold-plated pen, or even a samovar.

Elite souvenirs most often serve as furnishings to decorate your home, but such VIP souvenirs can be useful in everyday life, for example, a malachite box or a pen for writing. Such an elite souvenir always stands in a prominent place and pleases its owner.

In the modern world there is such a type of souvenirs as corporate or elite business souvenirs. These are elite gifts for employees of the company from the leader for an anniversary, a significant date or to partners and work colleagues. The presentation of such products workshops of Zlatoust is a positive factor contributing to build trust, emphasizing the importance and interest in the person.

Elite souvenirs are not just beautifully designed gifts, but to a greater degree, this is an indicator of attention and care that a person must surely appreciate to whom you are sending this gift to.

Coaster Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich gift box


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