ItalSteam steamer
Do you dream that ironing takes as little time and effort as possible?

Was the iron itself easy to use and very effective?

At the same time could iron, both on weight and on the ironing board?

Using one mode for all types of fabrics?

ItalSteam is a dream come true ....

Buy a handheld iron steamer Italsteam
Now you do not have to suffer with the ironing board, select the mode corresponding to the type of fabric!
No gauze, no gloss and gloss! Easy and reliable!
Made from high-quality thermoplastic, nothing burns and does not spoil!
An indispensable tool for home and travel!


Italsteam Light Weight Travel Steam Iron - Dual Voltage 230/110

220-240 1000 W
110v 500w
220-240 1000 Вт
110v 500v
  • The Italsteam IS SAFE IT will NOT burn your clothe
  • You can use it for dry cleaning
  • An ironing board is not necessary


Vertical and horizontal steam function. Allows you to iron clothes not only on weight, like most steam generators, but also on the ironing board.


Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning function. The set includes a nylon brush, with its help you can remove the grease and the pellets on the jacket, coat and sheepskin coat; to process fur products; clean absolutely any suede product: shoes, hats, bags, etc .; and also put in order upholstered furniture.


Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning function. A powerful steam jet will clean out dirt, mold and fungus on the seams of the tile. Easily relieve fat on gas, induction and glass-ceramic stoves.


Disinfection function. At the outlet, the steam has a temperature of 100 degrees and disinfects any clothes, eliminates unpleasant odors and germs, and also helps to eliminate dust mites from mattresses and pillows.

only 34.99 euros, the offer is limited

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Travel Steamer ITALSTEAM travel road light Steam Iron Dual Voltage

€49.99 Regular Price
€34.99Sale Price

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